Faccin Bookkeeping Services provides specialized services in the following areas:

  • Transactions are inputted on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Bank statements are reconciled monthly, and can be mailed directly to Faccin Bookkeeping Services.
  • Financial statements will be provided on a monthly basis or as required as part of our service package.
  • Year end analysis and reports will be prepared for your accountant. The detailed information and accurate bookkeeping will facilitate the filing of Income Tax Returns, corporate or personal.
  • Accounts payable listings will be prepared after supplier invoices and cheques are processed.
  • Accounts receivable listings will also be prepared after your invoices and customer payments are processed.
  • Payroll records will be maintained on a weekly, bi-weekly or as requested basis. Payroll cheques can be issued and T4’s will be prepared at year end.
  • Set up and organize your In-house accounting system.
  • Liaison between client and chartered accountants if tax preparation is done by a third party.
  • Other administrative services are available upon request.

For more information or to get quote on Annette Faccin’s rates today, call (416) 885-7979, and discover how Faccin Bookkeeping Services can make your job much easier.

What Annette’s clients are saying…
“Annette Faccin was hired in the very early stages of our company’s growth. She set up our entire accounting and bookkeeping systems and oversaw Event Spectrum’s  growth from it’s early beginnings to a $13M company.  Annette was our key advisor and a trusted colleague for 15 years. She oversaw all financial and legal aspects of our company with dedication, efficiency and good humor. Annette is professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Annette assisted our legal team in the successful sale of Event Spectrum to a global Swiss company. It is my honour to recommend her services.”
~Zora Kriz, Vice President, Event Spectrum